With analytics dashboards the financial picture of the business is made clear, comprehensive and easy to understand

The Virtual CFO Group can combine the financial expertise of virtual CFOs with the latest technology to produce custom dashboards which take financial intelligence to a whole new level. Decision-making for the business is made easier and more reliable.

Old-style financial report

Old-style financial report
  • Text only

  • Static

New-style financial analytics dashboard

Financial Analytics Dashboard
  • Rich visuals make it easier for non-financial people to understand accounting reports
  • Report integration with client accounting and management systems allow for real time reporting

  • Structured reports allow users to drill down from the top level of reports to the underlying details

  • Client portals allow users to filter the report information they see online

  • Business owners become more interested in looking at financial reports

  • The improved visuals will ensure that better decisions are made by the business

We can produce financial analytics dashboards to suit any business. Financial analytics dashboards are available to our virtual CFO clients.


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